Ekta Kapoor Once Called The Cops On Brother Tusshar After He Punched Her On The Nose!

Bollywood actor Tusshar Kapoor and producer, director Ekta Kapoor happen to be one of the most successful brother-daughter pairs in the industry. However, while most of us aware of their good work, do you know that Ekta had once called the police after fighting with Tusshar?

If not, let us shed light on the incident.

Speaking at a shoot for the ‘Kapil Sharma Show’, Ekta mentioned that she fights a lot with her brother. For a fact, during a family trip to Tirupati, the two of them started fighting which led to Tusshar punching Ekta on her nose. And guess what? A disappointed Ekta ended up dialing the cops.

“Like every other sibling, I and Tusshar fight a lot. You will be surprised to know that once when we went on a family trip to Tirupati we both started fighting for some reason. During the fight, Tusshar punched my nose. Later, I dialled the cops.”

Ekta went on to add that the two never travel on the same car during such trips as they always happen to squabble.

According to Tusshar, they have the habit of fighting with each other from a very young age. During their school days, they used to have dangerous fights which resulted in torn collar buttons.

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“When we both used to go to school, we used to have very dangerous fights. We used to even tear each other’s collar buttons. In such cases, we had to rush back home to change our clothes and so we used to get late for school.”

Like every other brother and sister in this world, their relationship is a precious one despite the fights.

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