Vir Das Objects To Fancy Edible Flowers In His Food, Twitter Reacts

You’ve probably tried tea infused with the chamomile flower and gorged on desi desserts flavoured with rose petals, but those two aren’t the only edible flowers around. Papaya blossoms, lavenders, moringa flowers and banana blossoms are also used in cuisines across India. Sometimes they are used to impart flavour and nutrition while other times they serve as decorations on cakes.

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However, when comedian Vir Das saw some edible pansies in his smoothie bowl along with fresh berries, fruits, and nuts, but he was not impressed.


Several people seconded his opinion and said they didn’t like flowers as well as microgreens in their food. Others said this is done to make the food look more exotic and hike its price.

What do you think of edible flowers – yay or nay?

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