28-YO Dutch Woman To Undergo Euthanasia & End Life Due To Crippling Depression, Starts Debate

Euthanasia is the practice of intentionally ending a person’s life to relieve suffering due to a terminal illness or an incurable condition. It is often done at the request of the person who is suffering. Euthanasia has been rendered illegal in India but the Netherlands is one of the first countries to have legalised active euthanasia.

Even today, there are several debates around this subject. Those arguing in favour of it highlight the right to die with dignity, the relief of suffering, and the autonomy of individuals to make decisions about their own lives, especially in the face of terminal illness or unbearable suffering. Those opposing the practice argue from religious or ethical perspectives and believe that intentionally ending a human life is inherently wrong.

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Having said that, a 28-year-old Dutch woman in the Netherlands will be undergoing euthanasia in May due to severe mental health struggles.

According to NDTV, she suffers from crippling depression, autism, and borderline personality disorder and has endured them throughout her life. Having undergone multiple treatments for her condition, the doctors have now informed her that there are no further treatments that can cure her condition.

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The procedure will be taking place at her home in the presence of her boyfriend. The doctor will first administer a sedative, followed by medication to stop her heart. After she passes away, she will be cremated and her ashes will be scattered in a forest. Her name is Zoraya Ter Beek.

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Several Indians took to X to extend their support towards Ter Beek and expressed how even today, a majority of people do not understand the seriousness of mental health issues. While there were many who gave the typical arguments against euthanasia saying that she should go through a religious or spiritual path and practice yoga, it is important to note that different people can have different kinds of depression. Ter Beek’s condition coupled with autism and BPD is severe.

What are your views regarding this topic?

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