To Avoid Getting Caught For Bunking Class, DU Student Fakes Her Own Kidnapping

Most of us have bunked at least one lecture in the college. Although we loved the adventure of bunking classes, we also feared being caught by our parents. And more often than not, we had an excuse ready, in case we get caught red-handed, right? Well, this is what this dad-fearing DU student did, but she went quite overboard with her planning.

When the father of this first-year correspondence student at Delhi University almost found out that she was bunking classes, she decided to fake her own kidnapping so that she doesn’t have to face the wrath of her furious father.

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According to Indian Express, it all started when she sent her father a staged video in which her hands and legs were tied up. Watching her daughter frantically shouting, ‘Mujhey Chor Do’ in the video, the father of the 18-year-old went to the nearest police station. A case was then registered under IPC section 365 (kidnapping) and the girl’s phone was put on technical surveillance.

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The DCP (North West) Vijayanta Arya, said:

“Teams were formed to look for her. On Monday, her parents received a call from a passerby in Old Delhi’s Ballimaran that their daughter was crying on the street. She had asked the man to call them.”

All this happened because her dad called her during her college hours. On being asked where she was, she said she was outside the college. Her father then video called her and asked to show him the college building. That is when she panicked and hung up. She then stopped taking calls from her parents and went to stay the night at her friend’s house.

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When the girl returned home on her own, the police started questioning her. This is when she cooked up a story that she was kidnapped by four-five men, who took her to a jungle. “She couldn’t point out the location and said that at night when the men slept off, she escaped. When she was prodded a bit more, she confessed that she had made up the story,” said Arya.

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According to police, the woman left her home in Adarsh Nagar to attend classes at a DU college but went to Purana Qila with her friends instead. She then made her friend make a video with her arms and legs tied and sent the video to the father via WhatsApp.

With the elaborate ruse, it was quite likely that she’d slip up with the details and get caught. We really hope she is not grounded for the rest of her life for scamming her father.

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