His Owner Died Months Ago, But The Dog Refuses To Stop Waiting Outside The Hospital

Rest assured that I’m not the only one who thinks that humans do not deserve dogs. Their unconditional love and loyalty are incomparable to anything or anyone else in this world. Even if you abandon them, yell at them or try to push them away, they will always nuzzle back to you. And they never, ever, give up on their humans.

Another heart-breaking story of a dog’s love came to light when photos of an incredibly loyal dog waiting for its deads owner outside a hospital went viral.

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According to The Daily Mail, this nameless pupper came to Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte hospital in Sao Paolo state, Brazil in October. He chased the ambulance that night which carried his injured owner.

His human was a 59-year-old homeless man who was mercilessly stabbed in a street fight in Novo Horizonte. According to local news, he died after being rushed to the hospital. However, even two months after his death, his dog kept waiting for him at the doors.

The hospital staff was kind enough to feed him and shelter him. They even found him a kennel 3 km away from the hospital. The kennel owners came to get him and they even had a new owner willing to adopt him.

But to everyone’s surprise, the dog ran away from the kennel and found his way back to the hospital to wait for his owner.

The news became instantly viral after a local woman called Cristine Sardella shared pictures of the pupper on her Facebook wall.

Temos muito o que aprender com os animais. Esse cachorro fica todo dia na porta da santa casa de Novo Horizonte…

Posted by Cristine Sardella on 27 ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 2018

She wrote,

“We have a lot to learn from animals. This dog stays every day at the door of the Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte hospital waiting for its owner who unfortunately passed away. He may be waiting in vain, but the love he feels for his owner is eternal.”

This story reminds me of Hachiko and now I’m not crying, you are. What did we ever do to deserve love like this? 😭