Doctor Goes Beyond Lines Of Duty, Donates His Own Bone Marrow To Save Patient’s Life

If there really are superheroes in this world, they are doctors who don’t even need capes! Doctors are incredible professionals who dedicate their entire lives to making the rest of the world healthy and helping their patients bounce back after suffering from an ailment. Be it the common sardi khasi to serious medical problems, doctors with their steady hands, incredible knowledge and experience stand like the ultimate problem solvers.

Here’s Doctor Ali Alsamarah, an Interventional Cardiology Specialist who works at a non-profit hospital in Florida, the United States. He went beyond his lines of duty to save a patient who was battling a complex physical ailment. The patient was a child who desperately needed a bone marrow donation. So Doctor Ali donated his bone marrow to the patient.

The story was shared on an Instagram page named ‘Good News Movement’. According to Indian Express, Ali was inspired to donate his own bone marrow to save the patient’s life after the life of a friend of his was saved because of a donor. Ali had gotten a call in which he was informed that he was a potential match for the patient’s bone marrow. Without hesitating, he instantly said yes.

“Ali Alsamarah, MD, an Interventional Cardiology Specialist with @adventhealth Ocala, got a call that he was a potential match for a child who desperately needed bone marrow. The doctor didn’t hesitate to donate his own. He said he was a little sore but was glad he could help —he was inspired to do so after a friend battling cancer was saved by a donor. He hopes to inspire others to become donors to help save lives,” the post read.

Have a look:

People online showered immense love and support on Dr Ali and called him an incredible human being for doing such a brave deed. Here’s a look at some responses:

People like Dr Ali make the world such a good place to live in! 🙂

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