How Social Media Helped 2 People With Speech & Hearing Impairment Fall In Love & Get Hitched

While some people find it hard to find the right person and fall in love in the age of social media and dating apps, new-age technology has undoubtedly been a blessing for many disabled people.

Laxmirani Tripathy (43) from Sambalpur and Mahabir Prasad Shukla (48) from Jharkhand suffered from speech and hearing impairment since birth. However, they found each other on Facebook and instantly clicked!

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According to The New Indian Express, since both of them couldn’t hear each other and speak over the phone, they used Facebook Messenger to communicate and WhatsApp to video-call each other and interact in sign language.

Eventually, the two fell in love and wanted to get married. Both families were extremely happy about their relationship since both sides once feared that Laxmirani and Mahabir Prasad wouldn’t find love because of their disabilities.

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“But we are really happy as she could find a compatible companion for her. The family members consider it God’s will and are hoping that both will certainly share a peaceful and happy relationship,” said Laxmirani’s nephew.

Both of them tied the knot recently in the presence of their family and friends.

Well, social media has definitely bridged the communication gap amongst many!

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