Indians Disagree With Dining Etiquette Coach Who Shared ‘Proper’ Ways To Eat Desi Khana

Give me all the fancy cutlery you want, but no matter which part of the country you are in, khaane ka maza comes from eating with your hands on a steel plate. There, I said it. The dal or sambar has to be poured on the rice, the sabzi has to be mixed with dal chawal, and other people’s feelings at the dining table shouldn’t be considered at all.

Which is why, people online kinda lost their cool after an etiquette and behavioural coach tried to school them on ‘proper’ Indian dining etiquettes. In a video, she claimed that items like dal, curry, or rajma shouldn’t be poured on the entire serving of rice and should be mixed one spoon at a time, that no more than two items should be mixed at a time, and not to mix curd with everything as it might make people feel uncomfortable.

Have a look at the video here:

 And several Indians on Twitter strongly disagreed.

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This is how many people revealed they prefer eating their food and are proud of it:

I mean, on some days, I just have a couple of spoons of rice and a bowl full of dal and the rice just…floats in the bowl.

She should have seen this coming.

Do you agree with the coach’s dining etiquette? Tell us!

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