“It Can Break People”: Neha Dhupia Hopes To Change Things For Pregnant Women In Bollywood

Earlier Kareena Kapoor received flak online for her fancy yoga photoshoot during pregnancy. But HT reports actor Neha Dhupia offering an interesting perspective of executing such shoots during pregnancy. “I’m not going to lie. It’s very hard shooting during the Covid-19 times.

She adds that she’s in her third trimester, so the exhaustion is more. She explains that she works to prove a critical point. “But, somewhere I feel that I’m doing this to prove that if I can, others can, too,” confesses Dhupia.

“A lot of women are forced to choose between their personal and professional lives. I can’t do both, but if I can [strike a balance], then maybe things can change in the business. [I hope this woule result in] more roles not just for women, but for pregnant women as well,” says the Tumhari Sullu actor.

Dhupia banishes the preconceived notion that pregnancy means one has to sit at home. “Why should it be, ‘Now, I’m going to make some personal choices, which would require me to take a sabbatical’. You don’t want to do that. You don’t want to come back four steps behind from where you left your career.

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“Since I’ve been through it, I know how it can break people at different levels. I’m setting an example and hoping to change a thing or two for women in the business. If a woman is pregnant don’t deprive her of her professional side,” she emphasizes.

She hopes to take a break with her family soon.

“We may travel somewhere very close to home, about two hours away from home. I can’t go very far away because I need to have access to medical attention right now. And my birthday plan revolves around what Angad really wants to do, but he’s very accommodative. We really wanted to travel out. Last year, we were in Mumbai because of the pandemic, and this year, we can’t (travel out) because I’m super pregnant,” Neha signs off.

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