Dhoni’s Acrobatic Stunt In IND vs NZ T20 Becomes Meme Fodder, Leaves The Internet In Splits!

What do we say about M S Dhoni that has not already been said? We all know that he’s capable of some really amazing miracles on the cricket field.

But the last IND v NZ T20 (yes, the one we lost) seems to have added another laurel in the former Captain Cool’s hat. Yes! Can we please talk about that split?

His acrobatic stunt in Saturday’s match against the Kiwis at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium was nothing short of EPIC!

You might as well go ahead and say #ThugLife because that was one totally gangsta way to avoid a run out! Makes you wonder, what split-second (pun intended) thoughts prompt such genius ideas in this man’s head, right?

Okay sure, so we didn’t win the match and ruined what would’ve been Kohli’s perfect birthday gift. But I’m pretty certain that the Men in Blue are having a hearty laugh checking out how Dhoni’s stunt on the field has been turned into meme fodder!

These hilarious AF memes that flooded the Internet were enough to turn any match-losing frown upside down. Check’em out!

1. Commentator: The run rate needs to improve.

Dhoni: Hold my beer.

2. Challenge Accepted!

3. Dhoni cast in Rohit Shetty’s next!

4. #Jugaad


5. When you just passed, but you don’t care because you made it!


6. Bartender: Final call!


7. Abhi toh dessert bhi baaki hai, bhai!


8. Baba Ramdev would be proud!


9. Don’t underestimate the power of Dhoni!

10. Also, ladies when bargaining with subziwala!

11. Next up, Dhoni wicket-keeping while balancing on a tightrope!


12. Okay, now that’s a stretch.

13. Alternate career option for Dhoni, perhaps?

14. Why are we not funding this?

15. Every. Millennial. Ever.

Mind you, this split is not an easy feat, but then again, when has M S Dhoni ever shied away from tackling the tough ones!

To anyone who still claims Dhoni isn’t fit to play the game anymore, take a split-second and think it through!

Dear Dhoni, you keep giving us umpteen reasons to revel in watching you play! That’s the way, Mahi Way!

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