Dhoni Fan Gets To Sit Beside His Idol Due To Last Minute Seat Change In Flight, Shares Story

Chandan Sinha hails from Ranchi, Bihar – the same city from where former India captain and cricket sensation MS Dhoni comes from. In fact, his house is less than a kilometre away from where Dhoni originally lived. The cricketer is the pride of their town and Chandan has been an ardent fan for years. However, he never got the opportunity to meet Dhoni in real life.

Recently, he was taking a flight and he had a last-minute seat change. From the last row, he was now seated in the second row of an IndiGo flight. Just as he took his seat and settled in, he heard a known voice who asked to let him pass to his window seat. He looked up and it was Dhoni!

“Who knew that the last-minute seat change from the last to second row would turn out to be the best two and half hours of my fan life. I took my seat and settled in. Just a little later I heard a known voice asking me to let him pass to his window seat. A surreal encounter with Mahi, was an absolute dream come true. Shellshocked, took me a moment to realise what was happening,” he wrote.

When he informed Dhoni that he was from Ranchi, the cricketer let go of his ritual of taking a nap on a flight and engaged in a 2-hour long conversation with Chandan about their hometown, food, vacations and everything in between!

“On hearing that we are from the same town he let go his usual habit of taking a boosting nap during his flights. We had two hours of fascinating conversation. From his entrepreneurial ideas to life lessons his wisdom knows no bounds. From sharing about his favourite cuisines to vacation plans. From his love for Ranchi to his love for automobiles. How he drops his daughter to school every morning when in town. His calm demeanour reaffirmed why we call him Captain Cool,” Chandan shared.

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For every Dhoni fan, this is like a dream come true! ūüėÄ

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