Dhoni And His Doggo’s Mirroring Skills Are So On Point And Is Hands Down The Cutest Thing Today

Doggos are the best. Now, that’s a fact no soul can debate over, can they? Because these four-legged furry friends slash kids are harbingers of joy and broad smiles. Play-time with them is the highlight of the day for so many people.

While I am cribbing about not getting any doggo to play with, I chanced upon this adorable video of Dhoni playing with his baby Sam, who is a Belgian Malinois. And, our hearts are not ours anymore.

It is super-fun and super-duper-adorbs. Shared by MSD’s wifey Sakshi on Instagram, the video is actually the best thing you will watch today.

#belgiummalinois #sam ‘s mirroring talent ! 🤣🤣🤣 @mahi7781

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Dhoni dotes on his babies and is very fond of dogs.

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Besides mirroring daddy Dhoni’s action, the cutie-patootie has other hobbies too. Like enjoying Call of Duty Advance Warfare.

He has a buddy too, who is as cute as him.

#belgiummalinois #dutchshepherd

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Awww, our hearts. ❤ Day made, right? 😀