Delhi University Students Organize A Fake Wedding For Fun, Perform All Rituals & Have A Blast

A few days ago, a video of students from Lahore University of Management Sciences celebrating a ‘mock wedding’ went viral. There was a dulha, a dulhan and a baraat and all the traditional rituals of a desi wedding took place. It looked like a lot of fun!

And guess what? The students from Lahore managed to inspire students of Shivaji College, Delhi University, who organized a fake wedding too!

Here too, two students pretended to be the bride and groom while the rest of the students donned the role of the baraat and rishtedaar. There was dance, music, games and a lot of core memories were made.

From the varmala ceremony to ‘mock’ relatives saving the ‘newlyweds’ from the evil eye, from post-wedding rituals to the ‘groom’ fainting upon seeing the ‘bride’, this fake wedding is what will make these kids’ college experience memorable.

A video of the Delhi University students was shared on Instagram by the account @dufrustrated. Have a look:

This managed to win the hearts of several people online who showered immense love on the students. Here’s how some of them reacted:

Why do I get the feeling that this “fake wedding” thing is going to become a trend in Indian colleges now? ūüėõ

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