University Students Organize A Mock Wedding With Dulha, Dulhan & Baraat Just To Have Fun

College fests and annual functions are some of the rare occasions when the college sees full attendance by the students. These are some of the events where we had the most fun and made memories that last a lifetime.

Students at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Pakistan also organized a fun annual fest. But, it was nothing like the ones we have been witnessing.

These kids decided to organize a fake wedding complete with a fake couple, a baraat, and the wedding ceremony. However, the celebrations were grand and OTT.

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The kids organized the mock wedding ‘Batch Shadi’ wherein two kids, Taimoor and Mahnoor, were wedded with customs, just for fun. They even had a wedding hashtag for the couple #Tainoor.

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Visuals of the wedding from LUMS have been all over social media.

Explaining what exactly happened at this shaadi, a student from LUMS said that the couple who would be fake married at the event were chosen via an election. After the dulha and dulhan were finalized, the wedding was planned which started right from the ceremony where the fake families of the couple formally met and gave a nod to the wedding.

The three-day event saw every ritual unfold right from Haldi to Mehendi, Sangeet, Baraat, Shaadi, and Vidaai.

The event was nothing short of fun. It was like friends having a gala time at their friends’ wedding without the problem causing rishtedaars.

People online had mixed opinions about the fake wedding. While some thought it was wholesome, others slammed students for mocking something as sacred as a wedding.

This seems fun. What do you think of this fake wedding?

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