Cool Female Professors At A Delhi College Join Students & Dance To ‘Jhoome Jo Pathaan’, Watch

Most of us are excited to start our college journey as it is very different from our school life. While we get to do a lot more independently, the professors there are more of a friend, guide, and mentor to us. They educate us to have a successful career while preparing us for the life ahead.

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Recently, people online were in awe of the professors at a college under Delhi University who joined the students during an event. The video that has now taken over social media shows a crowd of students performing to Shah Rukh Khan’s trending song ‘Jhoome Jo Pathaan’ from the movie ‘Pathaan’.

Moments into the video, we see the students welcoming their female professors to join them in the dance performance at what looks like an amphitheater.

On watching the teachers from the department of commerce at Jesus and Mary College join the kids and dance their hearts out to the song, the crowd rooted for them. Watch:

People online also thought it was sweet and sporty of the professors to join the kids in the celebrations.

That’s super cool of these professors. Loved it!

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