This Decathlon Salesperson Is A Professional Cyclist, People Laud Company’s Hiring Strategy

There have only been a few times that I’ve come across salespersons who were actually passionate about the product they were trying to sell and had some kind of experience in the department they were working in. For example, a person trying to sell skincare products without really knowing much about skincare is a bummer. For a lot of customers, it is important that a salesperson helps them in finding the right product that suits their needs instead of just badgering them into buying something. Here’s a very good example.

An entrepreneur named Alok Bajpai took to Twitter to share how he recently visited a Decathlon store in Gurugram and came across an employee who is a professional ultra cyclist. The employee, Shankar, has cycled all over India and Europe and is also learning French.

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“Companies that treat their employees well always have high customer delight too and each employee becomes a brand ambassador. Shankar from Decathlon in Gurugram today was a great example of that. Amazing customer service with a smile at all times. Found out he is a professional ultra cyclist who has cycled all over India and Europe and is currently learning French. Kudos to Barbara Martin Coppola and Jean Francois Mace for hiring such customer obsessed folks with a passion for sports!” he tweeted.

Have a look:

Several people online lauded Decathlon’s hiring strategy and shared how most of the staff are a delight to interact with and have immense knowledge about the products they are trying to sell. Some even claimed that Decathlon only hires people who are experienced in sports and fitness. Here’s a look at some of the responses:

The energy of any store is determined by its salespersons. We hope other companies are inspired by this.

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