Dear Future Wife, Here Are 16 Things I Want You To Know


I am sure in every marriage every couple reaches a point where they wish they had talked about some things before getting hitched. I know this sounds very wishful, but I really wish people know when they get into a marriage – which technically is an equal partnership – the most tender one at that.

And if it has to last there are some things you should clear with your significant other way before the marriage, so that there are no shocks after.

This is an attempt to knowing each other better, assuring your love that you are going to be there no matter what.


1. You have been and you will be free to wear whichever clothes you feel comfortable in, after marriage

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It’s as much your home as much it’s mine. You can wear whatever you wish, you don’t have to change just because you are married.

2. We both deserve time with our friends. There will be a few days when I’d like to spend time with mine and you can decide when you want to spend time with your friends.

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Because we both should and must have a life outside our marriage too.

3. When you marry into my family, rest assured I definitely got your back.

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In sickness and health, I got you.


4. If you are not in the mood, you can always tell me and we can cuddle

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A no is a no. Period.

5. I do not really like shopping, but I will give you company when you go shopping. Sometimes…

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It’s not the best feeling in the world for me, but I am OK with it. You go ahead and enjoy.

6. Let’s play some games. Whoever wins gets to be the ‘Lord of the Remote’

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*watches cricket on YouTube*

7. We will equally split the chores like washing dishes and doing laundry so that none of us do all the work all the time

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Equal partners in the truest sense.

8. Or maybe we can just get a maid/house help.

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Screw household chores!

9. We can cook together. Or if we are too tired, we will just order something.

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But we will make sure, there is ALWAYS good food to eat! Because ‘Good food’ = ‘Good mood’

10. If you do run into the slightest of problems, please feel free to talk to me without any reservations whatsoever

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Because there shouldn’t be anything left unsaid.

11. We compulsorily take one vacation a year, however old we get, however busy our life gets


12. We eat out at least once a week, no exceptions here too.

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MANDATORY. (Because the foodie in us just has to try the new place around the corner)

13. We will conceive when you ALSO want a baby. No pressure at all.

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It is a big decision, and we will take it together when we are completely ready.

14. You can come to me and tell me to help you with something, anything, especially when I am lazing around

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Kick me if I am too lazy.

15. Our careers will ALWAYS be equally important

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No impractical expectations and no forced decisions. I will always support you in your endeavors. I promise.

16. Your FAMILY + my FAMILY = Our FAMILY

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I will love your family as much as I love my own and I will care for them like their own son. Goes unsaid, I would expect the same from you. Forever!

17. So I guess, now is the moment you right-swipe on Tinder, so we can get married


But, seriously, I really hope this doesn’t leave anything unsaid.

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