TV Actor Dalljiet Kaur & Husband Nikhil Patel Trolled For Inking Urdu Word On Their Legs

While you enjoy the perks of being a celebrity, staying in the limelight also comes with a lot of judgments, trolling, and negativity.

TV actress Dalljiet Kaur who shot to fame for her portrayal of Niyati in ‘Kulvaddhu’, recently got married for the second time to businessman Nikhil Patel.

After their happening wedding celebrations, the couple flew to Thailand for their honeymoon. It was during this trip that the couple got inked.

Images shared by the couple’s team show Dalljiet and Nikhil showing off their matching tattoos.

They got a movie clapper made on their calf with ‘Take 2’ written in English along with a 07/09/22. They also got something engraved in Urdu.

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Well, images of their matching tattoos soon went viral online.


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Reposting the images on her Instagram stories, Dalljiet testified that they got stamped for life.

While the tattoo meant something significant for the couple, people online were irked because they got something written in Urdu on their legs.

This is how a section of people online reacted:

Someone online also took the pain to explain what the word in Urdu meant that they had gotten inked.

Isn’t it just a language like any other? People sometimes really go overboard with senseless trolling. What do you think?

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