Daenerys Can’t Stop Asking Jon To ‘Bend The Knee’ And The Internet Has Some EPIC Answers


Disclaimer: This post is full of spoilers, tread carefully.

Raving about The Spoils of War? Oh, you shall! It was one of the best ever episodes of Game of Thrones.

GoTians have already seen how the King in the North, Jon Snow’s meeting with Khaleesi (insert all her names here), Daenerys Targaryen went and there was a certain mention of ‘bending the knee’. Then, there was a lot of mention of the same throughout the third episode.

Come fourth episode and again there’s a mention. That’s not it. Emilia Clarke, who plays Dany, shared an Insta-pic with Jon aka Kit Harington talking about “bending the knee” and how Jon Snow is now one of Dany’s problems.

Woah, this gurl loves when others bend their knees.

So, basically Dany’s obsession with bending the knee has caught internet’s attention and the jokes are so-effin’ hilarious that our laughs are resonating in all the Seven Kingdoms. We kid you not.

Take a look!

1. *rolls eyes*



2. Major, major facepalm.


3. Even the cave-venture didn’t help.


4. Inner Dany be like…


5. It sure seemed like this.


6. And, Khaleesi thought Jon would be on the knees.



7. Ladies, do you agree?


8. Not only North, but everyone remembers it.


9. That sounds more like it! P.S Words of the House are ‘Fire and Blood’.


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10. That expression is so on point.


11. Just maybe. But we know he doesn’t.


12. Well, well, well! Jon show…time 😛


13. We are going to be so drunk by the end of the season.


14. People want them to get married, like right now.



15. This is add-on 😛


16. Which is quite possible, TBH!


17. Not sure about this one!



18. Because there’s nothing like a minty-fiery breath!


19. Will Jon cave in?


20. “You know nothing, Jon Snow!”

Oh jeez! People are losing their minds over ‘BTK’ talk of Khaleesi. And, she really needs to staph it.

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