Dadi Ji Selling Chocolates On Mumbai Local Refuses To Take Monetary Help, Inspires Many

It’s the experienced, the elderly, and the seniors who often teach us valuable lessons in life. Earlier, an elderly couple from Karnataka selling unlimited homely food at just ₹50 showed it that it’s not always about money. Now, this dadi ji is teaching us how to be self-reliant, determined, and honest.

A while back, a video of an old woman selling chocolates on a Mumbai local train to earn a living went viral online after it was shared by Delhi Commission For Women Chairperson Swati Maliwal. You can see how relentless this woman is. Not to miss her sweet smile.

Taking to Twitter, social activist Harteerath Singh Ahluwalia shared how he along with his team managed to find dadi ji after a video of her selling chocolates on Mumbai local trains went viral.

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It took them close to 48 hours to look for the cheerful dadi ji in Mumbai.

They were touched by how the old woman would change multiple trains, carry the load of her goods and go station to station selling chocolates to make a living. That’s why they decided to help her by offering her some money.

But the lady refused to take it from them. Hence, they decided to buy all that she had.

“Dadi exudes sheer determination, uncompromising self-worth, and honest love for life that sets her apart. We will now meet Dadi every week & will try and help her in whatever way we can. For now, our heart is full of respect and love for Dadi & hands overflowing with chocolates,” Ahluwalia tweeted.

The old woman’s honesty and dedication impressed many online.

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This dadi knows how to earn and is certainly not dependent on alms from people. Kudos to those who came forward to help her. She’s truly an inspiration.

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