Ajja Ajji Mane: Elderly Karnataka Couple Sells Unlimited Homely Food For ₹50, Watch Video

At a time when risottos, pizzas, and spaghetti are ruling our cravings, I often miss my ghar ka khana. And not just the lavish meals which we used to have during special occasions, but the simpler items like daal, chawal, sabji, etc. Being a professional living in a different city away from your family can be tough. But only a plate of our very own traditional ghar ka khana is enough to get us back to our base.

Bringing a big smile to the faces of people craving their local food, an elderly couple in Manipal, Karnataka, is selling wholesome meals for just Rs 50. What’s even better is that you can have unlimited food for this price!

According to Times Now, a video was shared on Instagram by Rakshith Rai who introduced the world to ‘Ajja Ajji Mane’ – a place selling homely food at Rajgopal Nagar Road. The meal includes rice, rasam, daal, salad, pickle, palya, payasam and much more. The couple has been running the business since 1951.

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“This place turned out to be an emotional experience to me. Homely food at a very reasonable price. More than that the affection you receive from this old couple is incredible. They definitely deserve more love from us. You will feel the warmth of your grandparents. Ajja Ajji mane is something more than just an eatery,” the food vlogger wrote.

Have a look at the video here:


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If you happen to be in Manipal, do check this place out. Not only will you be served a wholesome plate of food, but you will also be able to leave with a smile! 🙂

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