Desi Dad Decorates Hospital Room With Lights On Diwali For Daughter Down With Dengue

‘tis during these festive times that my urge to stay next to my family members gets deeper. Just staying by their side, lighting up candles, saying prayers and annoying mom brings my mind and heart at peace.

And like some of us, this desi dad didn’t want his daughter to stay far off from them, in a low-lit space and not relishing on desi mithais during Diwali. Hence, even though his daughter, down with dengue, was admitted to a hospital, he decided to bring merriment into the claustrophobic, smelling-like-medicines, hospital room.

Through a Twitter thread, dad Rahul Verma chronicled how he cheered up his ailing daughter on Diwali by decorating her hospital room.

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Verma made it a point to bring in the idols of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha as well to bless his daughter on this auspicious occasion.

Battery-operated floating candles and fairy lights lit up the entire space.

Dry fruits and mithais also made an appearance during their cosy celebration.

People online were touched by the love and affection shown by the dad and wished his daughter a speedy recovery.

We hope everyone stays close-knit to their families and get to feel the warmth of their love this festive season.

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