Jet Spray, Seat Covers, Taps: Items Worth ₹12 Lakh Stolen From Mumbai’s CSMT Station Toilet

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus in Mumbai recently took to social media to boast about its new “state of the art” toilet facilities, claiming that it is where modern design meets convenience. They even posted a video showing people a sneak peek into the facility and the work done there was indeed impressive. Everything was shiny and polished. It was on January 30th that they shared the video.

However, something hilarious happened on February 5 and 6. According to TOI, toilet and bathroom fittings worth Rs 12 lakh were stolen from the facilities. This included jet sprays, toilet seat covers, taps, bottle traps, stop cocks, etc. A total of 70 items were stolen.

Reports suggest that this was an insider job because the running room could be accessed by authorised persons only. There is a possibility that the contract labour staff were included. But since there are no CCTV cameras inside the toilet, the culprits could not be nabbed.

People online expressed their disappointment over the incident and slammed the culprits for doing such a deed.

Such a shame!

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