Hilarious Video Shows Cricket Team Scoring 6 Runs Off 1 Ball With 1 Ball To Spare!

Life seldom brings happy endings. Yet the cricket pitch is one place where skill and determination let you craft out a joyous finish for your entire team. Funnily enough, in a surprising case of serendipity (and shocking ineptitude on the bowler’s part), a local cricket team got their unexpected happy ending with a big win.

A hilarious video from a local cricket tournament just went viral. It depicts the match at a crucial juncture where the batsman requires a six from the last ball to score a win. While the pressure is immense, the excitement on the ground is palpable. Yet it is the unfortunate bowler who seems to be doing the batsman’s job for him.

Take a look at the video-

Indeed folks! While the players have no idea what the next ball will bring, the bowler never ceases to surprise them. With 6 runs needed off 1 ball, the batting team scored it with 1 ball to spare. (Of course with ample help from the bowler whose ability to pitch repeated wide balls is nothing short of laudable)

Twitterati is lol’ling away and their responses to the tweeted clip shall make your day!

There were those who insinuated that the match was fixed.

Some found solace in his maladroit way of bowling. While others said it was Sreesanth!

Then (of course) there were political puns.

This Twitter user captions it perfectly!

Indeed, he did. Didn’t he?