10 Wittiest Banners Ever Held By Cricket Fans From The Galleries

It is probably the classiest game in the world and not only does it take technical prowess but also immense wit. The wits, however, being the best part of the game, can be seen on and off the field.

Let’s take a look at some of the most intelligently written cricket banners ever put up by the fans from the stands.

1. England’s Alistair Cook and and Joe Root won’t be too happy with Stuart Broad…

Image source

…but what could they do – man’s known by the company he keeps, right?


2. Australia’s Shane Warne’s notorious reputation reaches everywhere before him…

Image source

…this time it had was well ahead of him by 9 months.


3. That one’s for Quinton de Kock…

Image source

…the South African cricket board should realize that it’s not descent to put it out like that.


4. This young South African seems like a true cricket devotee…

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…but someone should really teach him the concept of live television.


5. Indian cricket fans for whom the game is religion…

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…and indeed, it was a time when Gods came down to play the game.


6. These fans have made a totally legit request…

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…but the cameraman had to be a jerk.


7. Fans trying their best to enjoy the slowest cricket match ever…

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…but what were they expecting? Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball?


8. When Pakistan’s Kamran Akmal had dropped too many catches…

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…and then dropped some more.


9. Everybody knows about Andrew Flintoff’s drunken brawl on a boat…

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…and this guy knows how to sell his booze.

10. When she said, “You mean the world to me”…

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…he should have kept cricket out of the equation.

Should be hard for the players to focus with all that horsing around going at the stands.