Couple Fed Up Of Answering ‘When Will You Have Kids’ Start Sharing Pictures With Dolls As Children

Every one of us faces the pinpricking nature of our family and friends who often end up bombarding some ‘must answer’ questions on us. ‘When will you get married’ followed by ‘when will you have kids’, the series of questions are absolutely unavoidable!

A couple in South Carolina has, however, come up with a fitting reply for their friends and society who constantly kept on asking when they were going to have kids.

Madeline Dressel along with her husband Malachi own a collection of 75 dolls toddler sized dolls from the 1950s and 60s. And believe us, they are making the most of it! The couple like was fed up of answering their friends about when were they planning to have kids. So, they created a parody Instagram account dedicated to their ‘virtual children’.

The couple shared pictures of themselves posing with their dolls as children which documents their regular family life. They posted pictures of all the regular domestic scenes like birthday parties and Christmas celebrations.

Talking about the reason that made Madeline come up with such a bizarre idea, she told Mail Online, “We both thought that it would be cool to pose them in real-life settings as if they were kids as a bit of a joke to start, but it grew from there. We enjoy collecting dolls together and the big ones are our favourites.”

While friends find the couple’s tactics of dealing with the society too much fun, strangers find it creepy AF! What’s your take on the dolls-cum-children of the couple? Do let us know in the comments.

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