Company Allows Foreigners To Pay & Attend Indian Weddings To Experience Our Culture

Say what you will, but Indian weddings are a gorgeous sight to witness. Different kinds of weddings in different states have basic things in common – they are colourful, meaningful, full of fun and enjoyment and the food is lip-smacking delicious.

As a result, an Australia-based company is offering tourists the chance to attend grand Indian weddings. The name of the company is JoinMyWedding and it was founded by Hungarian-Australian Orsi Parkanyi in 2016.

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According to NDTV, the company gives tourists a selection of traditional Indian weddings. Tourists will be allowed to meet with the locals, feed on local cuisine and witness all the traditions at the wedding. Their website mentions that there are 300 different kinds of weddings in India and every year, about 11 million weddings take place in the country.

The company further reaches out to to-be-married couples who are willing to submit their wedding itineraries and allow foreigners to be a part of their special day.

For one day of nuptials, the tourists are to pay Rs 12,488 (150 USD) and for two days, the charges are Rs 20,814 (250 USD).

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“You get to experience all the different cultural elements in one go: meet with local people, taste the local cuisine, dress in Indian attire, music, ambience, entertainment, learn about the local customs, even architecture, depending on wedding venue,” said the founder of the company.

Do you think this is a good idea?

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