Cinematographer Shares Story Of His 1st Time Working With SRK On Ad Film In Touching Post

There is a saying that people are not remembered for their accomplishments but for how they made others feel in their presence. Kindness, humility and compassion have a more lasting effect on people than money or fame. And who better is proof of this idea than Shahrukh Khan himself.

Many people, when they talk of Shahrukh Khan, don’t start by talking about his movies. Instead, what comes to the forefront is his personality, charming smile, humour, intellect and overall the respect with which he treats people. Whether it be Amitabh Bachchan or a stranger on the road, SRK greets everyone with an adaab, and that says something.


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Speaking of which, cinematographer Lawrence Dcunha shared a rather touching story from his experience of working with SRK for the first time on an ad film. He took to Instagram to narrate the tale and shared a picture with the actor.

“My first ad film shoot with king khan!!! Although he shot throughout the night for his upcoming movie, he came slightly behind schedule but sweetly apologised for the delay. He was very respectful, thoroughly professional, yet joking and making people laugh on the set.”

The quality of making everyone around him so comfortable is something that many celebrities lack.

“We didn’t have a stand in for him, so he sat on the mark and asked me if I could continue with my lighting while he was rehearsing his lines. His acknowledgement towards his technicians and crew overwhelmed me, that he addressed each one by their names. There was no dull moment with him on the set.”

A gentleman indeed!

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“When the shoot was finally done, he shook hands with everyone. He stayed till the very end and even clicked pictures with all of us. Such a gentleman!”

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There will always be only one King! 🙂

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