Desi Twitter Wants Bollywood To Cast SRK & Tabu As Leads In A Film

Be it India’s toxic work culture, sologamy, or Hardik Pandya’s ‘struggle’ of sleeping, Twitter has opinions, on everything! But sometimes, the microblogging site also becomes a house of debates wherein people share their two cents on any matter.

This time around, people online are arguing whether Bollywood should cast Shah Rukh Khan and Tabu in a movie against each other as leads or not.

The discussion was kickstarted after a user suggested the same.

King Khan SRK and the bold and beautiful Tabu have worked together various times but watching them as leads again would definitely be a treat for the eyes that are done with watching remakes of the OG films.

While some were eager to watch them together, a section of people online wasn’t convinced with the idea. This is what people opined on this matter:

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Bollywood, sun raha hai na tu?

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