Students In China Wear Social Distancing Hats To School Amid Pandemic, Watch Video

The novel coronavirus was first reported on 31 December 2019 from Wuhan, China. However, since then the Chinese government has managed to control the situation and ease COVID-19 restrictions in the country.

Like, recently, schools in China have reopened after a long hiatus due to the lockdown, reports India Today. Despite students returning to classrooms, social distancing is being followed as a precautionary measure against COVID-19. In fact, one school in the city of Hangzhou has found a unique way to enforce social distancing amongst students.

Have a look at the video shared by a Chinese news outlet:

The video shows first-graders at the Yangzheng Elementary School wearing DIY hats, The special hats have a 3-foot-long horizontal plume extending on either side. The students have even covered their faces with masks.

The school let students wear colorful headgear to remind them to keep a distance from each other, reports NDTV.

Have a look at the tweet shared by Duke University professor Eileen Chengyin Chow:

Many people admired the creative hats used to maintain social distancing in the school:

Others were concerned as students could still break the social distancing norm by being  face-to-face: 

Well, what do you think about these vibrant headgears? Would you wear them to school? Tell us in the comments below!