Kids Under Lockdown In Wuhan, Give Bad Reviews to Learning App To Avoid Homework

With the ever-increasing number of positive cases of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19, it looks like the outbreak will be hard to contain. The virus that causes severe respiratory disorders has proved to be fatal and has killed more than 3000 people in Mainland China, the place where the first case was reported. Hence, to contain the pandemic from spreading, the Chinese government has put the city under total lockdown and schools have been shut amid a city-wide quarantine.

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But, they also came up with an online application to keep educating the kids, reported News18. The kids in Wuhan were taught their courses online and were also being assigned homework by their teachers using the learning app. But since kids and homework are like oil and water, they came up with a smart idea to resolve their school-work issue.

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The kids somehow realised that if they gave a bad review to the application on the app store, it might be scrapped entirely. Hence, they started posting fake negative reviews on the store and down-voted the learning application. And their trick worked. The app’s rating fell from 4.9 to 1.4 in just a matter of days and it was nowhere to be found on the store, reported Mirror Online.

The kids booted the app from app stores by mass down-rating it. Reports also suggested that the application also appealed to children not to post fake reviews. “I’m only five years old myself, please don’t kill me,” the app appealed.

However, people online were in awe of the kids’ intelligent strategy:

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As of now, 43 confirmed cases have been registered in India and the good news is that 3 of them have recovered. You can also track the spread of coronavirus around the world with this live tracking dashboard. So stay alert and safe, guys!

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