Chic Phone Covers Are The Latest Fad And Designer Masaba Gupta Has 3 Covers We Want To Steal!

What’s the first thing you notice in a person? I’d say, eyes.
The second thing? I’d say, shoes.
And, what’s the third? Definitely, phone covers.

One can tell a lot about a person by the way they accessorize their phones. Moreover, chic & stylish covers are the latest trend. They are hot fashion accessories, right now. And, there are uncountable ways in which you can play dress-up with your phone.

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In fact, fashionistas pay close attention when picking up a phone-cover that goes well their day’s (or night’s) look. From snazzy prints to blingy detailing to chic designs to squishy toys, you name it and there’s a cover you can lay your hands on.

But right now, there are three covers I’m totally eyeing for my Rose Gold OPPO F3. They come in a gorgeous gift box that will immediately make you fall in love with its designs. At least, I lost my heart to the prettiness at sight.

The top of the box shows rose gold colored-roses blossoming into larger ones which give a very inimitable feel.

After all, it has been designed by the gorgeous fashion expert, Masaba Gupta, who has added her touch of abstract and unmissable motifs, to not only the covers but to the box itself. Truth be told, I am totally smitten by the Fashion expert meeting the Selfie Expert.

Upon opening the gift box, there’s space for the beautiful Rose Gold OPPO F3, DP’s photo frame and an attractive cover designed by diva designer, Masaba.

The OPPO x Masaba F3 Rose Gold Edition Giftbox is designed to perfection. It is so pretty. Masaba speaks about how each design came into being and how the rose gold colour is the new gold.

“The colour rose gold is one of the biggest trends in the fashion industry from the runway, to beauty, to accessories. I feel like, it really is the new gold. It has this wonderful dash of copper, but such a heavy dose of romance. And, it is young, stylish, and extremely edgy.”

The covers, designed by Masaba, come in three variants and I’m having a real hard time picking which one to buy.

One cover is about roses blossoming into bigger ones which inspire everyone to grow in life and have a beautiful journey.

The second cover takes encouragement from the gift box which is black and rose gold. It shows the entire blossomed rose and gives a flawless picture of it.

The third cover shows the camera with dual lenses, which is perfect for any selfie lover who just cannot think beyond clicking perfect selfies. (*raises hands*)

Which one to pick? *confused*

During a usual stroll on social media, I chanced upon the stylista’s groupfie, she snuck during her day using her OPPO Camera Phone.

So cool!

When it is Masaba, you know the designs will floor you. And we are already floored by Rose Gold OPPO F3. When these two come together, the result is a great phone that doubles up as a stylish fashion accessory with its chic covers. ?

In case you weren’t aware, the OPPO F3 Selfie Expert has a dual front camera- one for selfie, one for group selfie. A 16 MP selfie camera for individual selfies and a wide angle lens for group selfies. No wonder it’s called the Selfie Expert.

Now coming back to the covers, I think I am gonna go with the one with the dual selfie cameras. ?

Get ’em now.

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