These Chennai Cops Knee-deep In Water, Lending A Helping Hand During Floods Are Winning Hearts!

The Rain Gods have been savagely lashing out at Chennai for a while now.

The people have been suffering, dying even, and there seems no end to their suffering. They’ve cried out for help but their pleas are falling on deaf ears of politicians and bureaucrats.

But someone’s heard them. And they’re out there, helping the troubled citizens get through these difficult times. It’s the men in khaki!

Yesterday evening, Twitter user Shabbir Ahmed tweeted pictures of Chennai cops slogging hard to unclog drains alongside a waterlogged road.

Shabbir, a journalist from Chennai, was mighty impressed with how hard at work these ‘men in khaki‘ were, trying to clean up a mess that should essentially be taken up by the local government authorities.

1. They’ve rolled up their sleeves and pulled up their pants and jumped into the mess, determined to sort it out!

2. A true public service, this!

3. Chennai cops are not afraid to get their hands dirty!

People have shown immense appreciation for this incredible effort by Chennai policemen.

1. They totally deserve it!

2. An inspector of police leading this charge! Kudos, Sir!

3. As can be seen, they’ve no protective gear on and they don’t care. They just want to help!

4. Thank you!

5. Indeed superheroes!

It would’ve been easy for them to leave the situation be, and just do whatever was within their scope of work.

But they chose to go ahead and extend their help to causes that weren’t under their purview. Now wouldn’t you call that true public service!

Hats off to you, Chennai Police!

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