CEO Has A Hilarious Strategy To Avoid The Infamous Bengaluru Traffic – Late Night Flights

Once you get stuck inside the infamous Bengaluru traffic, it sucks you inside like it’s a black hole. Time ceases to exit and you’ll see yourself ageing in the rearview mirror. People finish household chores, order food, and complete their PhDs while stuck in Bengaluru traffic and there’s no getting out of it. Unless you are a little creative.

The CEO of Zoho, Sridhar Vembu shared an interesting (and hilarious) solution to avoid the city’s traffic. At the CNBC-TV18 and Moneycontrol Global AI Conclave, he revealed that while he lives in Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu, he constantly visits Bengaluru for work. When he does so, he arrives only late into the night and when he has to leave, he takes a late-night flight back home. During these hours, when most of the city is asleep, there is little to no traffic.

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“I come only in the night. I leave late at night. So I never see Bangalore traffic. By the time I arrive here, the traffic hasn’t started yet. I leave only after traffic ends,” he said.

So people, there you go! If you have to avoid traffic, you need to beat traffic in its own game! 😛

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