Guess The Names Of These Celeb Brides By Looking At Their Wedding Attires In This Quiz

After the coronavirus pandemic-induced restrictions were eased in the country, several people, including many celebrities, tied the knot with the love of their lives.

Each bride had a signature touch to her ensemble that made her stand out from the rest. Can you name these brides correctly by looking at their wedding attire?

1. She had a cozy wedding on the balcony of her and her partner's Bandra home.

2. She is a fashion designer married to a popular actor.

3. She is the quintessential bahu of television.

4. She married a filmmaker in an intimate ceremony in the mountains.

5. She twinned with her doggo on her wedding day.

6. Her wedding is now streaming on an OTT platform.

7. The wedding of the year.

8. She had a ‘sustainable’ and ‘eco-friendly’ wedding.

9. The couple renewed their vows with a big fat wedding.

10. The popular designer married an actor in an intimate court ceremony.

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