Footage Of Man Distracted By Cellphone Falling Into A Manhole Is A Lesson For All Of Us

At least once in your life before stepping out of the house your parents have asked you not to look at your phone while walking. If not that then shouting at you to remove your earphones while on the road while you shamelessly walk away wearing them anyway.

They say that you might get into an accident. A bike might come from nowhere and hit you. They sure do make a point but in vain.

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However, this guy was caught on CCTV camera going through a major accident which is every phone-addicted millennial’s nightmare but a good reference story for parents.

The CCTV footage shows a man, too engrossed with whatever he was looking at in his phone, falling into a manhole.

According to sources, the guy pretty much had an “ouch” moment falling deep into a watery sewer system below causing serious injuries.

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Glued to his phone, he entirely missed the huge manhole with ‘warning’ signs surrounding it.

According to reports, a man passing by saw the incident and went looking for help immediately. Later, the guy was pulled out safely by firefighters and taken to the hospital. Thankfully, he didn’t have any life-threatening injuries.

Watch the video here:

TBH, we all should learn a lesson from this and keep our phones either in our pockets or in our bags while walking on the road. Unless you want to get into a serious accident and have your parents waiting for you with this video screaming “I told you so”!

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