Overweight Cat Playing Dead On The Treadmill To Avoid Exercising Will Leave You In Splits!

The internet is always stacked up with hilarious cat videos which make us laugh our hearts out. Be it a crazy expression of a grumpy cat or a feline trying to match its human’s movements, they are always a treat to watch.

However, in today’s video, we are here with a cat who was smart enough to avoid a workout session by using its extraordinary acting skills.

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In the clip going viral, we can see Lee Ferinden trying to make his cat Laila, walk on the treadmill. However, despite being overweight, Laila was in no mood to burn her calories.

Therefore, in a bid to skip the exercise, she came up with a brilliant idea. After moving her legs for a few seconds, she smartly rolled over on the treadmill and pretended to be dead. Her paws were straight up in the air and clearly expressed her disinterest in shredding the kilos.

Here is the video:

Speaking to Daily Mail, Lee revealed that Laila was a normal-sized kitten who started gaining weight after being spayed. She was put on a strict diet by the vet but still continued to gain a pound every month. Surprisingly, there was nothing medically wrong with her according to the tests that were conducted.

Finally, Lee has started to make her do a bit of exercise. She goes out for a walk once a day and also visits the Fat Camp on Wednesdays at the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine.