21 Quotes By Cartoon Network Characters Which Will Give You A Strong Dose Of Nostalgia

Remember the time when watching ‘Cartoon Network’ brought a special kind of joy to our faces? When ‘Scooby-Doo’ was the best detective series on the planet. And ‘Johnny Bravo’ was our favourite womaniser. The name ‘Dexter’ brought to mind the boy genius with a secret lab instead of a blood-stained psychopath. And ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’ was the scariest shit you’d ever seen!

A 90s kid will remember.

Here are 21 quotes by these iconic cartoons from the 90s which will take you back to those fond times: 

1. On some level, that’s deep.

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2. I totally get it, Dexter.

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3. You know, that line might still work. 😉

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4. I always wanted his omnitrix.

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5. C’mon, tell me I’m not the only one who read that with a Fred Flintstone voice.

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6. Ah, I can totally relate. Food is bliss.

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7. Didn’t realise this show was so dark.

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8. Wise words to live by.

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9. Step aside Chuck Norris, Samurai Jack is truly invincible!



10. Kids Next Door… Battle stations!

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11. Let me guess, is it spinach? 

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12. I fondly remember these two as ‘Bade Meow’ and ‘Chhote Meow’

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13. This show gave me nightmares!

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14. Awww. That’s actually a really sweet line.

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15. I remember this line. Made me think twice before throwing stuff away.

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16. Now they’re played by actors, but in the 90s animators made them real for all of us.

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17. This show had a lot of powerful dialogue and KAMEHAMEHA!

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18. Cute show, a few of my female friends were fans.

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19. But this one… I’m still a fan! Gotta catch ’em all!

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20. Maybe I was the only one, but I always screamed along when he said this line!

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21. Inspirational. Some of these shows definitely are worth a re-watch to find hidden gems like these.

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I think many of these quotes make much more sense after we’re all grown up. Maybe it’s time for a trip down memory lane? This weekend, I’m gonna go on a Samurai Jack binge!

Poster Courtesy: Sachin Kaushik

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