Captain Marvel Punching An Old Lady In The Face Is The Latest Viral Meme

After its inception in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be getting its first female-led movie with ‘Captain Marvel’. And Brie Larson’s iteration of Carol Danvers is already a hit among fans and they can’t wait to see her take on Thanos. However, one particular moment from the trailer has stuck with them a bit too much.

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Yes, that’s right. MCU fans absolutely loved seeing Captain Marvel sucker punch an old lady. Now, in Carol’s defence, that’s probably not just any old woman. That might be a Skrull, shape-shifting aliens, that our superhero has located and is trying to teach it a lesson. But who cares about those details when it’s a perfect moment for some hilarious memes?

Here are some of the best Captain-Marvel-punching-an-old-lady memes:

1. But we can do this all day?

2. Do not test us!

3. Alternate ending for ‘Batman v Superman’.

4. Flat-earth theorists suck.

5. Get your facts straight, noobs.

6. Because she had to.

7. Whatever helps you, mate.

8. Amen to that!

9. That’s life.

10. Deserving.

11. Ssshh! Let them be.

12. Hey there now! Calm down.

13. Same here

14. On a second thought…

15. Oh! Plot twist!

Just so we are clear, Skrulls are imaginary creatures who exist only in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Captain Marvel is handling them. So, do go around the town punching people to check if they’re shape-shifting aliens or not.