‘Captain Marvel’ Takes Down Baddies & Thrills Fans In Her First Action-packed Trailer

Avengers: Infinity War‘ was a thoroughly entertaining movie, but it left us weeping through the end-credits as we tried to deal with the death of most of our heroes. And the only ray of hope was the logo on Nick Fury’s pager which meant that help was coming.

Image Credits: Marvel Studios

If you haven’t scoured the internet yet and know who Fury was calling, Marvel Studios has answered it with an action-packed trailer. It’s Captain Marvel.

‘Captain Marvel’ is the 21st installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it’ll treat us to the origins of Carol Danvers and how she became one of the most powerful superheroes of the franchise.

‘Captain Marvel’ takes place in the 90’s, so get ready to have a nostalgia trip. Apart from that, it will oscillate between Danvers’ (played by Oscar winner, Brie Larson) time in the Kree and in the American air force. Some of the familiar faces that you’ll get to see is that of a young Nick Fury, Agent Coulson and Ronan (from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’). And Captain Marvel punching an old woman suggests that the antagonists of the film will be the Skrulls, extraterrestrial shape-shifters who are in constant war with the Kree.

Brie Larson shared her excitement about being a superhero and was welcomed by another prominent Captain.

1. Yes you are.

2. From one Captain to another.

3. We all do, Nick.

4. Greetings from Valkyrie.

Fans of the franchise were over the moon after seeing Captain Marvel in action and they adored every possible aspect of the trailer.

1. Tribute to Envy Adams and Captain Marvel.

2. Oh yes they did!

3. Amen to that!

4. The future is female!

5. That’s true!

6. One for the 90’s kids.

7. The power of cinema.

8. Hope we get to see them together.

9. Does this call for a spin-off?

10. Marvel and its cinematic parallels.

11. Hope she throws one at Thanos.

Girls who grew up in the 80’s and the 90’s got to watch strong female characters like Ripley and Sarah Connors kill it on the big-screen. However, Hollywood became extremely male-centric after those franchises came to a standstill. That’s why it’s great to see blockbuster movies giving the current generation heroes like Wonder Woman, Lara Croft and now, Captain Marvel to look up to.