Internet’s Confused Which Burger Emoji, Google Or Apple Is Right. Sundar Pichai Offers To Help!

There are so many important questions about life, universe and the purpose of our existence that we should be debating about.

But Twitter, which posits itself as a collective of internet’s intelligentsia, has its grey matter focused on a different conundrum altogether—Who moved my cheese?

After years and years of evolving from pictographs to proper language, we’ve gone back to the Stone Ages by replacing words with emoticons. And mind you, we take our emoticons very seriously.

Currently, there’s a hot debate raging on Twitter about one particular emoticon—the burger.

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More specifically, where exactly should the cheese slice be placed in the burger! What makes it more interesting though, is that two tech giants Apple and Google have been dragged into this!

On Saturday, Twitter user Thomas Baekdal expressed a grave concern about the cheese slice being placed differently in Google’s burger emoji as compared to Apple’s.

As you can see, Google places the cheese slice over the bottom bun with the patty and veggies piled up over it. Apple, on the other hand, places it a little closer to the top bun, right under the tomato slice.

And this has given people some seriously literal food for thought!

Twitter sure thinks this conundrum needs immediate solving because many tweeple have expressed their views on where that damned cheese slice should go!

1. Where are Gordon Ramsay’s expert comments when you need them?

2. You have one job, guys!

3. Good for you, Microsoft!

4. Diagrams speak louder than words. But do we all agree with this order?

5. Social media has brought down our standards of excitement, hasn’t it?

As of now, Baekdal’s tweet has received about 34,000 likes, 16,000 retweets and 1,500 comments from people sharing what they think is the right order of placement for the perfect hamburger.

But wait, that’s not even the best part! The highlight of this entire discussion was when it caught the attention of Google CEO Sundar Pichai! And guess what? He is totally committed to resolving this issue ASAP!

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Pichai has assured everyone that he has already added the burger issue to his work agenda for Monday, if only people can reach a consensus on where to place the cheese!

Pichai’s tweet seems to have put the dilemma to rest for now. And people’s relief is quite evident because they’ve taken to making some really hilariously ‘cheesy’ puns about the whole issue!

We’ve ‘pick’led some of our favourite ones for you! Cheggit!

1. Consider it bun!

2. Afsauce, this could really happen!

3. Ah Tim, you had ONE job!

4. Lettuce not push this!

5. Wonder how this meating went?

6. Let that bacon shine on bright!

7. Okay! We’ve Gouda stop this now!

We couldn’t agree more! Though we don’t think Twitter is going to reach a consensus so soon! Till then, lettuce just enjoy the burger the way it is!

After all, every burger is beautiful in its own way!

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