A Brutally Honest Review Of The Movie “Fan”


Chennai express was bad.

Happy New Year was bad.

Dilwale was bad.

I walked into the theater expecting Fan to be bad too.

It wasn’t.

I searched for turds in every scene and failed to find any. And I was waiting to find some so that I could rub it into the passionate SRK fans who think that his recent career choices were a travesty.

Oh, how I was proven wrong.

Do not get me wrong, SRK is not really brilliant in it. He is good. That’s it.

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When Gaurav Chandna walks on to the screen you know it is SRK. Although his mannerisms have been altered, the way his face twitches, the way he tilts his head
the way he looks at people when he is angry is all pretty evident.


SRK acting as Gaurav Chandna was probably the easiest of all jobs.

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Because when Gaurav had to imitate SRK, all SRK had to do was to switch to himself.


The real acting kicked in when SRK acted like Aryan Khanna

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Where he would have to act like himself in real life. And he pulls it off perfectly.


The cinematography isĀ great.

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Frames are good, and they tried things that made the movie look really good visually.


For once the plot seems a bit plausible.

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Although the plot holes were tied off very haphazardly in one scene.


The chase sequences get tiring

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How do two regular people run for 20 minutes without tiring. Logic aside, the chase sequences seem like the director is bragging about a sequence done well.


The scenes capitalize on making SRK fans sentimental, but then end up making them impressed.

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Some of the background score is ripped from the movie Inception

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Who the fuck composed the score? Did they think that we won’t get it?

Oh wait, it was “inspired”.


The biggest surprise was there were no songs in the movie

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And it meant the world.


The end where spoilers happen was boring, and the last scene was ripped off straight from Nolanverse.

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The movie was good. Direction okay. Background score copied. Acting good.

But this review might be biased because the 4 previous movies of SRK were bad.

I expected Fan to fail miserably, but it showed a perspective that Bollywood seldom shows – that of an unappreciated fan who feels cheated just because his role model did not acknowledge his presence.

Did it fail? It didn’t. I would go on to say that there were a couple of brilliant scenes in which SRK showed what a brilliant actor he was, but that would be just spoiling the movie for you.

Would I recommend you to watch it?

Yes. For the acting masterclass in the end. Those 10 minutes are worth your money for the tickets.

Honest Rating – 3/5.

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