Bride Asks Groom For Permission To Hug Her Ex-Boyfriend As He Shows Up At Her Wedding

You never invite an ex to your wedding. It’s a cardinal rule. Because it is never a pretty sight to see an ex go all Channa Mereya at a wedding. And if you push the boundaries and let that happen, you’ll probably find a disheartened real-life Ayan lying on the floor with a massive potted plant over his chest.

But one Indonesian bride did, in fact, get a visit from a blast-from-the-past at her wedding. According to Times Now, when the ex-boyfriend takes his hand out for a handshake to greet and congratulate the bride, she smiles and turns to her husband to ask him if she can hug her ex.

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Surprisingly, the husband nods and gives her permission. He smiles at the two as they hugged.

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Have a look at the video here:

While the groom might have been perfectly fine with his bride hugging her ex-boyfriend, people online begged to differ.

“Your husband deserves better”, “Your face can’t lie bro. It’s hurt but it’s okay”, “That is not allowed, no respect the husband by hugging another man” were some of the many comments that came their way.

But as the popular phrase goes, jab miyan biwi raazi, to kya karega qazi?

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