People Who Took A Break From Their Relationship Share How It Positively Impacted Them

Despite the fact that we know the good and bad of our partners, there are times when taking a break from a relationship seems like the right choice. The time off might help us weigh the negatives and positives that could have positive repercussions at the end of the day.

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Several people online took to Reddit and shared the positive experience of taking a break from a relationship.

What is a positive experience with "taking a break" from your relationship? from AskWomen

“Does it always mark the end of the relationship?” asked a user. Sharing their experiences, some said it brought them closer.

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Others opined it’s the beginning of the end.

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Gives time to reflect.

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The best thing to do.

Ross and Rachel from the American sitcom ‘Friends’ showed us how it is to take a break from a relationship. Have you ever been in this situation? Share with us.

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