Amazon Is Under Fire For Selling Doormats With Images Of Hindu, Muslim And Christian Gods!

If there’s anything that Indians can’t stand, it’s disrespect to religion, deities, and anything even remotely related to religion. And sure enough, the latest backlash to be served is to retail giant Amazon.

On Saturday night, a user stumbled upon some doormats selling on Amazon which had imagery of Hindu Gods on them.

These items seemed to be appearing on Amazon’s international portal, sold by one particular seller called Rock Bull. And apparently, Hindus weren’t the only ones whose sentiments were hurt.


It was found out that the seller had doormats with Islam-related imagery as well as some doormats depicting Jesus. And Indians did not take well to it.


People belonging to all concerned religions all over the world were not pleased at all, especially Indians, and soon enough #BoycottAmazon started trending on Twitter.

Hate tweets started pouring and Amazon came under the radar for this.



Soon after this controversy hit the fan, Amazon removed the relevant items, and started issuing apologies to people who left bad reviews or hate tweets.

Amazon says they have escalated this issue to their higher teams, and they’re looking into this matter. The seller is supposed to be a gift items manufacturer which sells phone cases, mouse pads, and key chains with religious imagery on them.

As of now, the issue seems to have cooled down a little bit, although a formal explanation by Amazon is still pending.

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