Allahabad Student Beaten To Death By Goons Outside A Restaurant, Passers-By Look On

The following article contains graphic imagery. Reader discretion is advised.

The crimes in the country are increasing in number as well as magnitude with each passing day. Call it police negligence or no fear of the law, the inhumane acts committed by people scar us even more with the sheer brutality of it.

In a disturbing incident in Allahabad, a 26-year-old law student Dilip Saroj was beaten up outside a restaurant by a group of men until he was dead. The incident occurred last night when Dilip had gone out to dinner with two of his friends to the restaurant. They reportedly had an argument with the attackers which turned violent.

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In a video which has surfaced the law student can be seen unconscious on the road while the men attacked him with a hockey stick, broken pipe and bricks.

The men seemed drunk and while one passer-by stopped, nobody came to the aid of the victim. In the video of the brutal incident, two men can be seen discussing that the police will arrive only after he has died. It’s unclear whether they took any action towards helping the victim.

Dilip’s friend, Prakash Singh who was an eyewitness to the incident spoke to NDTV. He said,

“We had gone for dinner at Kalika restaurant. After dinner, we were sitting on the stairs that lead to the restaurant. Three people came, pushed us, abused and went to the restaurant on the first floor.

We followed them to the restaurant to confront them which is when they started beating us. I was hit with chairs too, but I managed to escape.”

The video also shows a man in a brown leather jacket, reportedly the owner of the restaurant who is trying to pull the attackers away from the boy but to no avail. They are later seen hoisting the boy’s lifeless body on a bike and taking him to the hospital.

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Unfortunately, the boy slipped into a coma and died at the hospital this morning. Police have arrested a waiter of the restaurant for the crime while the main accused Vijay Shankar Singh, who is apparently employed with Indian Railways is still absconding.

You can watch the entire video of the gut-wrenching incident here: [Warning: Graphic video]

Not only are these people the epitome of inhumanity, but the passers-by who did not even think to help the poor boy even when he was being beaten within an inch of his life, are unintentionally the perpetrators of this crime.

It is understandable that nobody would want to invite the wrath of the attackers but even if one person was brave enough to take a stand, maybe a young life would not be ended so soon.