People In China Are Making Breast Hearts A Crazy Challenge And We Don’t Understand WHY!


The Internet is a weird place. If you don’t buy that then which rock are you living under? Amidst the numerous challenges, the netizens partake, not every challenge is an interesting one or one that we can wrap our heads around.

Like, this one. It’s called the Boob Heart Challenge in China. It was a rage back in August this year.

On the Chinese social media sites, it was posted by a fan who was trying to imitate Ayi Xi Tai Lu, a social media star, who showed the trick on one of her late-night videos.

The social media site tried to censor the challenge and removed some of the risqué images. But looks like, the challenge isn’t dying anytime soon.

A Twitter user seemed to have brought it back in vogue and people have varied reactions.

Then netizens had all sorts of reactions.

1. Like, these.

2. And these!

3. And, of course, humourous takes.

5. People were quite upfront.

6. Some were awkward!

7. Some confused!

8. A few were catching up on the trend.

9. This guy was busy inventing a new word for it.

10. Neither did I!

Like, really? This is a challenge. People making titty hearts? We seriously don’t get the need for this particular challenge. This is more of a challenge, where people get a chance to spam the web more with explicit content. There’s a Reddit thread for the same. ?

So, an earnest request tho: Can this trend please staph? Pleaseeee!!!????!!!

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