Watch This Video From 1932 To Witness The City Of Bombay During Pre-Independence Era

Bombay (okay Mumbai) is undoubtedly one of the most (or probably the most) interesting and fast paced cities in India since ever. People from all kinds of ethnic and caste backgrounds unify in this city to earn their daily bread. Now while we are all familiar of how today the city is running out of land as the population is on a rapid rise, not many of us are aware of how people jollied around and worked and lived in the city as early as in 1930s.

This travelogue¬†by travelfilmarchive¬†shows the many facets of the city during the early 20th century and the quirkiness added by the narrator’s accent is downright funny. We thank you gentleman for coming, exploring (if you think so) and bidding farewell to Bommbb-ayy, The Gateway To India!

Watch the video and I bet that Bommbb-ayy will keep echoing in your head for at least the rest of your day.