Bodybuilder Breaks Neck And Dies While Attempting The Dangerous Back-flip

Life is uncertain. You have everything at one moment and just in a split-second you are left with nothing but memories.

And life is too big a price to pay for something you’ve been doing throughout your existence. Confused what I am talking about?

My heart breaks to tell you that a 23-year-old junior world-champion bodybuilder, Sifiso Lungelo Thabethe, from Durban, SA, lost his life while attempting a back-flip. He was at a bodybuilding event at his hometown KwaZulu-Natal on Aug 4.

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He has been bodybuilding all his life. He has a signature back-flip that people love! He was attempting the same flip when he fell with his head first and broke his neck.


A video was taken at the time, where he was seen flexing his muscles while making his way to the ring. Sifiso was wearing a speedo and a pair of black socks that day. BBSA National Executive President, Wayne Price told News 24,

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“We suspect, because he was wearing socks this time, that he slipped or didn’t get enough momentum and landed horribly on his head.”


Prince also spoke about how Sifiso’s entire family is in pain because someone has circulated the video on social media. They have requested people to not share the video.

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“We’re aware of a video of the incident circulating on social media, as is Sifiso’s family, and they’re understandably very upset about that.”

It’s only fair to respect Sifiso’s final moments as he was very young and had a very long fruitful life ahead of him.

A South African magazine called him “a young man with a bright future”, but unfortunately, he did not have enough time. People have been sharing the video on social media and mocking the incident. It’s extremely easy to sit in your comfortable chairs and post “OUCH”, “Dead?” and “hahahaha” from behind your computer screens.

The internet has turned us into bullies that we never were. We need to understand that it’s a young boy’s life we are talking about. The reason we reported this incident is to spread awareness about how your head needs the most protection as it is the most critical part of your body. An injury in your skull can also result in hemorrhage, unconsciousness and death.

The kind people of the internet, that’s exactly why our Government has been asking you to wear helmets while travelling. Life is uncertain and you need to be safe.