2nd Year College Student Playing Blue Whale Breaks Down In Front Of His Teacher

The Blue-whale game since its creation has been claiming innocent lives by threatening unsuspecting children and driving them to suicide. Although, the mastermind of the game was recently caught, the game continues to gain traction and engulf innocent lives in its jaws.

However, with all the media coverage, people who are trapped in this game as well as potential victims have been aware of the repercussions of the game and are more aware regarding the situation. A college student in Burdwan in West Bengal would have been the next victim of the game had he not confided in his teacher.

As reported by Zee News, the second year student received an SMS informing him that he had won the lottery and to claim the money he had to send his and his family’s details.

After he followed these instructions, he got the link of the game entailing that he would get the money in his bank account once he finished the game.

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The boy completed 12 stages of the game which included psychologically taxing tasks like sending a selfie after slashing his hand, running before a car etc.


However, after he refused to hang from a tree upside down for a task, he started getting death threats regarding his family and was depressed since then.

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The matter came to light after the student broke down in class when he was scolded by his philosophy teacher for not being able to answer a question. The teacher proceeded to approach the teacher-in-charge who called the police.

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His mobile phone was also confiscated by the police to conduct further investigations. The boy was taken for counselling and to the hospital before the police handed him over to his parents.

Despite repeated warnings regarding the game, curious teenagers have continued to install the game and fall a victim to it. Teenagers have to educate themselves a bit more so that they do not become a prey to the psychological trauma.

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